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Hello Sunshine!

Celebrating the flavors of Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice, Lavender, and Modern Classic.


Coming Soon in 2023 the unveiling of three new and exciting flavors! 

Also on the horizon for next year, the much-anticipated gluten free!


We're looking for permanent homes across the country!  Refer Sunshine Shortbread to your favorite local specialty food market, farm stand, ritzy hotel, bougie restaurant, or country club and, if they start selling our cookies for at least three consecutive months, we will send you our delicious cookies every month for a year, FREE!  

Please leave details in the Contact Us section.



What's the Story, Morning Glory!

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Baking and gifting shortbread has been a holiday tradition in our household for nearly 20 years. 

Every December, I’d dedicate an entire weekend to it, blast out over 60 dozen, package them in festive little red boxes with gold seals, and give them to just about everyone who touched our lives; family, friends, coworkers, teachers, neighbors, the mailman. 


For nearly two years of pandemic sequester and social distancing, our home-based holiday cookie-baking madhouse laid dormant.  Well, yours truly was starting to get restless.  The thought occurred to me, "What the world needs now is a little sunshine.”  And so Sunshine, a word that evokes pure joy and expresses the way I always want to live my best life, came to light.  


We simply need to reclaim that feeling more than ever.  To share my labor of love, the tie that binds, the smile that never fades, the magic of the holidays all year around, Sunshine Shortbread is more than just a cookie.  It holds the not-so-secret ingredient that welcomes you home, wherever that happens to be for you, that makes it just a little bit more.  It’s perfect for tea time, me time, party time, or anytime!  Pair it with your favorite hot beverage and dip. Who doesn’t love a good shortbread cookie, am I right?


I hope you find Sunshine Shortbread delightful. Once you bite into these little nuggets of buttery goodness, you’ll be saying, “Bring on the Sunshine!” for many years to come.




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Bring on the Sunshine!

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